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Boyalife, a Constant Perfectionist in Accreditation, the World’s Only Holder of AABB Certificate of Accreditation for Somatic Cell
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Boyalife has recently become the first company with AABB certified somatic cell technology and the world’s only holder of AABB Certificate of Accreditation for somatic cell. This certification has marked Boyalife’s international standard in inspection, processing and storage of placenta MSC, and put Boyalife into the ranks of world’s leading stem cell institutions in terms of quality, service, integrity and pursuit of excellence.

AABB, short for the American Association of Blood Banks, is the most authoritative organization in the storage standards of stem cells. The AABB Standards represent one of the world’s highest standard accreditations in collection, processing, storage, distribution and therapy. The AABB Standards make crossregional stem cell therapy possible. That’s because international standard hospitals often only accept stem cells from AABB certified institutions for transplantation therapy.

It’s understood that among the 600 registered stem cell banks in the world, 142 of them are AABB certified and 13 of them (including Boyalife) are UCB HSC and UC MSC certified. Boyalife is the only stem cell bank certified in UCB, UC and placenta, which means that Boyalife is the world’s only holder of AABB Certificate of Accreditation for placenta somatic cell.

What’s mentioning is that Boyalife has become China’s first and only AABB and WHO NRL certified clinical stem cell bank since July 2012, and passed the review of AABB in UCB HSC in July 2014. AABB, WHO NRL and CAP certified, Boyalife has again won the accreditation of AABB in placenta somatic cell. This major step forward in AABB accreditation is of far-reaching significance in the promotion and development of industry normalization and standardization. 

The past decades have seen the emergence and development of stem cell industry normalization and standardization. From its inception, Boyalife has introduced international standards in stem cell banks, and inspired a number of stem cell enterprises to follow international rules. In line with the development trends led by the AABB Standards, Boyalife has grown from an international standard follower to an international standard leader. Boyalife hopes that more organizations can work together for clinical application of stem cell through normalization and standardization and make contributions for further development of Chinese stem cell cause.

There have been frequent reports of good news in the clinical application of placenta stem cell. The People’s Daily reported on July 15 that the PLA No.307 Hospital announced the world’s first successful transplantation of placenta HSC for the treatment of aplastic anemia. It means the success of clinical application of placenta HSC. The stem cell transplanted is from the placenta of her newly born younger sister.


Boyalife AABB Certificate of Accreditation for Somatic Cell Technology

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