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Press Releases
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Boyalife-SOOAM-CAS Collaboration on Primate Model Animal Technology and Human Disease Mechanism Research
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February 2 saw the Boyalife-SOOAM-CAS Collaboration on Cloning Technology Signing Ceremony signed among Boyalife, SOOAM and CAS in Weihai, Shandong Province, witnessed by Weihai officials and attended by Dr. Xu Xiaochun, chairperson of Boyalife. The collaboration is about promoting the research and application of primate cloning technology and human disease mechanism.

Making use of their respective strong research and development capabilities in stem cell, cloning and primate model animals, Boyalife, SOOAM BIOTECH and CAS Yunnan Primates Biomedicine Laboratory work together to build a globally leading primate animal and disease model research center for the purpose of accelerating clinical application of cutting-edge medical technologies and transformation of medical application.

In-depth research on disease occurrence mechanism pushes forward the development of modern medicine, while primates serve as an indispensable link for human disease mechanism research and new drug development. In recent years, Boyalife has been outstandingly productive in undertaking major specialized science and technology projects and promoting the transformation of innovative scientific achievements, and has become an innovative high-tech enterprise in stem cell technology and bio-pharmaceuticals. A world-leading cloning technology center and the only organization mastering canine cloning technology in the world, SOOAM BIOTECH has successfully cloned some 500 cloned dogs, including 911 sniffer dogs, guide dogs, pet dogs and Tibetan Mastiffs. CAS Yunnan Primates Biomedicine Laboratory is China’s leading primate laboratory animal center. Though the success of primate disease cloning technology is yet to be made globally, the tri-party collaboration will gain strong research and development abilities to further improve core innovation abilities in model animal and disease mechanism research, and provide strong support for advancing new drug development and clinical application of stem cell technology.

Dr. Xu Xiaochun, Chairperson of Boyalife (Left), President Hwang Woo-suk of SOOAM BIOTECH (Middle) and Deputy Director Niu Yuyu of CAS Yunnan Primates Biomedicine Laboratory (Right) Signing the Tri-party Collaboration Agreement


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