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Boyalife Group Honored as China’s Leading Brand in Technological Innovation
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Sponsored by CCTV Finance and co-sponsored by Beijing Media, Investor Journal Weekly, finance.qq.com, Wuxi Municipal Finance Office, China Chamber of International Commerce Wuxi Chamber of Commerce, the fourth China Investors Conference was unfolded from January 10 to January 11. Among those attending the conference were Zhou Zhengqing, former deputy secretary general of the State Council and former president of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and Huang Lixin, member of the Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and secretary general of Wuxi Municipal Party Committee. Boyalife Group was honored as China’s Leading Brand in Technology and Golden Cane—Best Roadshow Award.

Themed with “The New Era of Capital, Opportunities and Challenges of China”, the conference was joined by some 600 guests from domestically famous finance research organizations, entities, private funds, investment organizations and financial media. Bai Jinfu, deputy director of the Central Policy Research Office, Tang Jinxi, vice president of Asset Management Association of China, Xu Jianping, deputy inspector of High-tech Industry Division, National Development and Reform Commission, and Jia Kang, vice president of China Finance Society made keynote speeches. The conference features such forums as “Corporate Financing in the New Era of Capital” and “Has the Bull Market Truly Come?” Meanwhile, “50 Strategies for China’s Assuring A Shares” and Investment Trends 2015, and A Report on Financial Safety of China’s Non-financial Listed Companies 2014 were officially released.

At the China Investment Star TV Award Ceremony in CCTV-2, such awards as 2014 Best Investment Value Enterprise, Top 50 Best Growth Value Enterprises, Best Financial Service Organization, China’s Leading Brands in Technological Innovation, Chinese Economic Innovation Figures, Leading Brands and Leading Figures in Entity Investment were unveiled. Boyalife Group was honored 2014 China’s Leading Brand in Technological Innovation.

On the morning of January 11, twelve roadshow organizations had face-to-face dialogues with investors, introducing project operation in details and explaining the investment value of investment projects. Leaders of domestically-known investment organizations and mainstream financial media shared their comments on spot, bridging an efficient cooperation platform between enterprises and investment organizations.

In his speech about Boyalife’s commitment to becoming a leader in personalized medical service, Dr. Xu Xiaochun, chairperson of Boyalife, depicted a big health industry for the visitors. He ended his speech by a quote from an article published in the Time Magazine (Issue 5, 2000) that “Mankind will enter the era of bioeconomy in 2020. The future is not so far from what we imagine.” Yang Jian, director of Information Center of the Renmin University of China, affirmed the speech of Dr. Xu Xiaochun and pointed out that prolonging life is more about guaranteeing the quality of life and stem cell has so many uses that it can be used in the future to treat tumors, organ repair and many other diseases we have now.

Dr. Xu Xiaochun, Xu Huijuan, secretary of Party Leadership Group and president of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Wuxi Branch, Zhang Lequn, general manager of CFLD Around-Shanghai Region and others were awarded the Golden Cane Award in the Commercial Roadshow where the Best Roadshow Award was also presented.

Building a great platform for entities, private funds and institutional investors, the fourth China Investors Conference has created an environment for innovative development and business startup for better collaboration, making positive contributions to further accelerating the startup investment and development of emerging industries and promoting the sound development of Chinese investment and financing market. Rated as China’s Leading Brand in Technological Innovation, “In storage and other fields, Boyalife offers a much larger room for imagination than ordinary stem cell banks. Innovation-inspired, Boyalife can grow a forest with a drop of water,” pointed out by Director Yang on spot. 


Dr. Xu Xiaochun (Second Right), Chairperson of Boyalife, Accepting the Award of China’s Leading Brand in Technological Innovation at the Fourth China Investors Conference

Chairperson Dr. Xu Xiaochun Delivering the Keynote Speech Titled “Boyalife Group—A Leader in Personalized Medical Service”


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