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China’s First Crossover Collaboration Business School Established Core Founding Enterprise Boyalife Group Promoting Chinese New Economy
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At the 2015 Join Though Innov & Eco Forum held in National Convention Center, Beijing on July 5, China’s first crossover collaboration business school—Join Thought Business School, jointly initiated and established by topnotch entrepreneurs and investors, was founded. As a key founding enterprise of Join Thought Business School, Boyalife Group is working with other member enterprises to promote the new economy, finance and industry in the new era, and seek new thinking of innovative development for Chinese economy in the critical period of transformation and upgrade.

With the advent of the big data era, data-driven has become a new global trend. The Internet + strategy proposed by Premier Li Keqiang at the two sessions this year forebodes that the world economy is undergoing great changes. Established to meet the needs of the era, Join Thought Business School takes the responsibility of fostering new economy based and world oriented entrepreneurs. It’s committed to building a globally leading business school that creates unique value for entrepreneurs and a sustainable and strategic win-win platform of industry-university-research cooperation and collaborative innovation.

Join Thought Business School gathers the most influential and experienced founding members in business and investment in contemporary China, including Liu Xiaoguang, chairperson of Beijing Capital Group, Ren Zhiqiang, chairperson of Huayuan Real Estate, Zhang Dazhong, chairperson of GOME Electrical Appliances, Zhou Qingzhi, chairperson of Narada Group, Wang Tian, chairperson of Better Life Group, Li Wanshou, chairperson of Syn Capital, Liu Gang, North China President of SCGC, Xu Xiaochun, chairperson of Boyalife Group, Chang Jinyong, president of  SOTCBB, Xue Liang, president of Jiangnan Club and partner of Ma Yun, Wu Airong, former head of Peking University HSBC Business School. They will become a dispensable and integral force for the development of the business school.

Joining the 2015 Join Though Innov & Eco Forum were economic figures, scholars and entrepreneurs from all sectors. Among them were Edmund Phelps, Nobel Prize winning economist and dean of New Huadu Business School, Mr. Liu Xiaoguang, former chairperson of Beijing Capital Group, Mr. Ma Weihua, former Board member and president of China Merchants Bank, Mr. Feng Lun, chairperson of Vantone Industry, Mr. Ren Zhiqiang, chairperson of Huayuan Real Estate, and Mr. Jin Haitao, chairperson of Shenzhen Capital Group.

In his keynote speech titled “Innovation Model and System in Life Sciences”, Dr. Xu Xiaochun, chairperson of Boyalife Group shared the development model from production innovation to model innovation and to financial innovation in life sciences. When mankind is embracing the era of life economy in the next five years, life sciences will enter a rapid development phase, meet ever-changing challenges in the new era, seize the opportunities and unfold a new chapter of Chinese economy.

While economic tycoons sparked new thoughts at the forum, the founding members of the Join Thought Business School will lead more outstanding entrepreneurs to glory from success. As a core founding enterprise, Boyalife Group will stand in the front of industry development, drive standardized, normalized and scale development of life sciences and incubate the next hundred billion yuan worth enterprise in big health industry. Fulfilling social responsibilities, Boyalife Group will further foster business talents with international competitiveness and humanistic spirit, and make contributions to new strategy, thinking, vision and countermeasures for Chinese enterprises to go global in the new economy era.


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