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The Chairman of International Consortium of Stem Cell Center Met the Chief Professor of University Twente of Netherlands
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On the afternoon of May 12th, the chairman of International Consortium of Stem Cell Center had a job interview with Vibet Kelailuo, the chief professor of Institute of Biomedical Research and Science and Academy of Sciences of University Twente. They held in-depth exchanges on carrying out deep cooperation, in order to achieve association between strong enterprises.

University Twente is a comprehensive studies university. In 2001, its quality of education is the first in Netherlands and the sixth in Europe. The professor Kelailuo mainly studies the application of iPS on cardiovascular tissue engineering, rehabilitation and drug screening. These researches have significant meanings on finding out mechanism of disease formation, studying the diseases from the standpoint of stem cells and finally triumphing over some disease.

The International Consortium of Stem Cell Center is an international collaborative network that brings world’s top scientists in stem cell & regenerative medicine fields together. As the biggest stem cell bank of China now, it is designed to bank 1,500,000. The infrastructures will dwarf the combined total of the stem cells research centers in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and etc. As a biological medicine enterprise, it has financed more than any other“530”companies in Wuxi. The chairman Xu introduced that is the first and only established stem cell bank in China in accordance with international AABB standards, with Doctor of Medicine Anthony Chan as our specially-appointed pharmacist. With comprehensive strength becoming strong day by day ,  INCOSC calls attention of Professor Kelailuo. It is the second time that he visited China and the second job interview that found cooperation on iPS and established disease models.

The Trade Economics Visiting Group, which is organized by Netherlands Consulate and led by Maxima Verhagen, Dutch Economic Affairs of Agricultural Innovation, were warmly received by Han Zheng, the mayor of Shanghai ,and Li Xueyong, the deputy secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee.

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