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Press Releases
Press Releases
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·China’s First Innovation China Think Tank Academi… 2014-11-15
·NEJM China Editorial Office Established, Boyalife’… 2014-11-8
·Boyalife Group Passing the Re-accreditation of AAB… 2014-7-10
·Boyalife’s New Corporate Image Ads Debuting in Wu… 2014-5-25
·Building the Chinese Dream of New Generation Wuxi … 2014-2-26
·Chairperson Dr. Xu Xiaochun Listed among 2013 Chin… 2014-1-13
·Warm Congratulations to Two Experts of Boyalife Ex… 2013-12-22
·China Working with Europe to Promote Stem Cell Cli… 2013-9-25
·PKU-Boyalife Translational Medicine Center (Gu’an… 2013-5-17
·Scientists Discovering the New Gene for the Treatm… 2013-1-29
·Boyalife Group and the Affiliated Hospital of Jian… 2012-12-26
·Boyalife Group Honored as “2012 CCTV China Brand … 2012-11-17
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