A Team Led by Dai Yongkang, Director of the Tianjin Science and Technology Bureau, Visited Boyalife for Opinions on Constructing Cell Valley

2021-04-14T04:35:19-07:00 4月 13, 2021|

To implement construction on the characteristic Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Cell Valley in the Binhai New Area, on December 12, Dai Yongkang, Director of the Tianjin Science and Technology Bureau; Wang Rui, Director of the Biomedicine Division; Chen Liangwen, Director of the Science and Technology Bureau of Binhai New Area; and Wang Mingtao, Deputy Director of the Asset Management Office visited the Tianjin Life Science Center of Boyalife Group for research and guidance, inspected the Center’s business development, and sought opinions on constructing Cell Valley. Director Dai Yongkang mentioned that he hoped Boyalife could play a leading role in the industry, provide suggestions for constructing Cell Valley, and promote establishing a base equipped with cell technology R&D and transformation, and an industrial innovation center in the Binhai New Area that is internationally respected as soon as possible.

Dr. Zhang Lei, Deputy General Manager of Boyalife Stem Cell Tianjin Branch, and Li Lin, Director of Operations of Boyalife Group, accompanied Director Dai and his team while they visited the exhibition hall, biological sample bank, and company laboratory. They introduced Boyalife Group’s full industry chain of stem cells, tumor immunity technology, R&D layout and industrial advantages and industrialized applications for technologies in the life science field, such as the animal seed industry. This culminated in a detailed report on the company’s various business developments. Dr. Zhang Lei said Boyalife has specialized in cell technology for a long time,, and its products and businesses cover the entire industry chain, including supplying cell automation equipment and provisions for overall solutions, cell extraction and storage services, and clinical applications. Boyalife is now positioned to employ the full industry chain for stem cells to promote building Cell Valley in the Binhai New Area, and create a biological industrial ecosystem for cell technology and equipment platform manufacturing, cell collection, preparation, storage, and application.

Director Dai Yongkang affirmed Boyalife’s development in the field of cell technology, held in-dept discussions with Dr. Zhang Lei on key issues, such as the essential elements required for implementing and constructing Cell Valley and said that he would actively promote construction in the cell-technology industry both upstream and downstream, to foster the perfect conditions to build Cell Valley.

Boyalife is an industrial group with wide ranging influence in the field of biotechnology. Upstream, Boyalife possesses an automated equipment platform with high-tech barriers to serve global customers, including instant application systems in the operating room, tumor immune large-scale production systems, stem cell separation and storage systems, and other comprehensive automated solutions. In the midstream, the Boyalife Stem Cell Bank is a clinical-level stem cell bank that has earned its international AABB standards, the World Health Organization NRL standards, and CAP standards. Downstream, Boyalife cooperates with nearly 40 top-tier hospitals in China to conduct clinical research on stem cells with cell drugs and cell therapy technologies marketed overseas, and a number of cell therapy projects in phases I-III of clinical research approved by the FDA, which will help promote  Cell Valley in the Binhai New Area.

As one of the proponents and pioneers of Cell Valley in the Tianjin Binhai New Area, Boyalife has been involved in demonstrations and research surrounding Cell Valley, and promoted implementing the program. In October 2019, the government of the Tianjin Binhai New Area approved the Cell Industry Technology Innovation Action Plan in Binhai New Area, which posited that Boyalife will undertake the important tasks of building an internationally leading clinical-level cell storage platform and promoting the development and industrialization of new biological technologies. Tianjin is focusing on new technologies, new industries, new business forms, and new models. With Boyalife Group by its side it will also decisively seize strategic opportunities as the biomedical industry continues to grow to help build a new highland for the bio-industry in the Tianjin Binhai New Area.