Boyalife’ Chairman Dr. Chris Xu Attend 2019 SAPA Healthcare Investment Forum & Roadshow

2019-07-25T01:54:46-07:00 6月 15, 2019|

 Dr. Chris Xu, the chairman of Boyalife Group, was invited to fireside chat at the 2019 SAPA Healthcare Investment Forum & Roadshow at Columbia University in New York City on 15th June 2019.
The Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association (SAPA) was established in 1993 and is headquartered in the center of the pharmaceutical corridor in New Jersey, USA. Since its inception, SAPA rapidly became one of the most active Chinese professional associations in the US with eight chapter and more than 6,000 members. SAPA’s members are primarily from large and mid-sized pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the US, with areas of expertise covering almost every aspect of pharmaceutical research and development as well as production.
The event was well-attended by scientists, entrepreneurs, corporate business development experts, CEOs and investors from the U.S. and Greater China region. In the fireside chat panel with the theme of ” Top Tips for Would-Be Biotech Entrepreneurs”, Dr. Chris Xu together with a distinguished group of experts shared some biotech case studies, gave top tips, and discussed some lessons that learned in staring and managing biotech startup companies.

Given the rising life expectancy and growing unmet healthcare needs, life science industry attracts many entrepreneurs who are determined to improve the quality of people’s lives. To embrace the opportunities and challenges, would-be biotech entrepreneurs should work with and seek advice from experts including, for example, reputable security attorneys, business advisors, and venture capitalists.
“Industry breakthroughs and progress can bring more development opportunities to companies, but the industry’s prosperity will never be achieved by just one company or one organization.” Dr. Chris Xu said, “A high-quality platform such as SAPA enables us to maximize the interoperability of resources between companies and professional organizations, and to work together to achieve clinical transformation and promote the commercialization of cell therapy “,
With the strategic layout of whole industrial chain technical coverage, Boyalife Group not only adheres to promoting the clinical transformation through cell therapy pipelines expansion, but also serves the entire industry in new era through technology innovation. By providing automated medical devices and technologies for cellular processing that can reform production methods and production efficiency, Boyalife Group is committed to helping Chinese cell therapy companies and R &D institutions to become more competitive, and gain better market development opportunities around the world.