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Automated Cellular Processing
Through its U.S.-based affiliate, Cesca Therapeutics (NASDAQ: KOOL), Boyalife is involved in the development and marketing of a broad range of automated technologies for cell-based therapeutics and bio-processing. The company’s flagship products include AutoXpress®, a proprietary, automated system for the isolation and collection of cells derived from biological sources for various laboratory-based downstream applications, and BioArchive®, an automated, cryogenic system used by cord blood banks for the cryopreservation and storage of cord blood stem cell concentrate for future use. Cesca Therapeutics is 80% owned by Boyalife Group.
For more information: www.cescatherapeutics.com

Stem Cell Banking
Since its creation in 2010, the Boya Stem Cell Bank has grown into the largest and most automated clinical-grade stem cell bank in the world. It allows for the isolation, extraction and preservation of neonatal umbilical cord, umbilical cord blood, placental stem cells and the storage of adult stem cells for future use.

Headquartered in Wuxi, with additional locations in Beijing, Chongqing, Guangxi and Guangzhou, the Boya Stem Cell Bank is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and certified by the National Serology Reference Laboratory (NRL), a World Health Organization collaborating center, as well as the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

Boyalife stem cell production animation

Boyalife stem cell animation

Regenerative Medicine
By leveraging its expertise in autologous cell-based therapies, Boyalife, through its Cesca Therapeutics affiliate, is developing point-of-care tissue regeneration treatments for a range of indications, including critical limb ischemia (CLI), acute myocardial infarction (AMI), wound healing, cartilage regeneration and others. The company is actively seeking partnerships to advance development of these promising treatments, including CLI, which is Phase 3-ready.

Boyalife’s cell processing affiliate, Cesca Therapeutics, is working to enter the rapidly-emerging CAR-T and immune-oncology space though development of CAR-TXpress. CAR-TXpress, which is based on its proprietary AutoXpress platform technology, can facilitate the automated manufacture of high-quality, clinical-grade CAR-T cells at scale. CAR-TXpress will address several key challenges currently facing the industry as more CAR-T-based treatments approach the market: speed and consistency.

Traditional cell processing methodologies that work on narrow streams of slowly moving suspended cells are manual and time consuming, presenting an obstacle to the large-scale manufacture of infused CAR-T cells.

In contrast, CAR-TXpress is an automated solution that isolates target cells using patented buoyancy-activated cell separation (BACS) technology. CAR-TXpress integrates multi-component automation steps, from T-cell isolation, purification, culture expansion and washing, and single cassette-based automated -196°C cryopreservation and retrieval, resulting in greater cell yields and higher consistency than other cell isolation processes. The CAR-TXpress system can provide a comprehensive and commercially viable, automated cellular manufacturing and control (CMC) solution for the development of CAR-T and CAR-NK therapeutics. CAR-TXpress works in bulk volumes of cells, dramatically reducing both processing time and the cost of the required capital equipment.

Boyalife CAR-T animation

Anti-aging (Five Dimension)
Boyalife Group’s Five Dimension anti-aging subsidiary is the first, high-end cell-based biological anti-aging brand in China and a pioneer in high-end cosmetology. Through its proprietary PRP-SRT anti-aging and cosmetology technique, Five Dimension extracts and activates platelet rich plasma (PRP) from clients, resulting in client-specific autologous cosmetology.