ZHISLAND Lake Taihu Forum Held, Chairperson Xu Xiaochun Serving as a Rotating Chairperson

2018-03-06T00:09:36-07:00 12月 31, 2015|

August 30 witnessed the 2015 ZHISLAND Lake Taihu Forum & the 2nd Anniversary of Southern Jiangsu Island Neighbor Organization sponsored by ZHISLAND. Themed with “Industry-Finance Integration and Internet +: Two Wings for Southern Jiangsu’s Transformation”, the event gathered some 200 experts, scholars and noted entrepreneurs across China. They listened to a great speech about how Southern Jiangsu should transform in industry-finance integration in the era of Internet +. As one of the rotating persons, Dr. Xu Xiaochun, chairperson of Boyalife Holdings Group (formerly known as Boyalife Group), delivered a keynote speech.

Liu Donghua, founder and chief architect of ZHISLAND, and Ms. Wang Yafang, director of Southern Jiangsu Island Neighbor Organization and chairperson of Mission Group, made the opening speech. Ten entrepreneurs, including Zhou Haijiang, president of Hodo Group, Ms. Wang Yafang, director of Southern Jiangsu Island Neighbor Organization, Liu Haitao, chairperson of Sensingnet Group, Huang Litai, chairperson of LAD Group, Zhou Jiang, president of Fasten Group, and Xu Xiaochun, chairperson of Boyalife Holdings Group, served as rotating chairpersons.

At the forum, Jia Kang, member of the national committee of CPPCC, former director of Research Institute for Fiscal Science, Ministry of Finance, and director of China Academy of Supply-side Economics, Zhou Haijiang, president of Hodo Group, Wang Jianguo, chairperson of Fivestar Holdings, Xia Hua, chairperson of EVE Group, and other experts, scholars and entrepreneurs made a keynote speech.

As a new rotating chairperson of Southern Jiangsu Island Neighbor Organization, Dr. Xu Xiaochun shared with the entrepreneurs present the development model from product innovation to model innovation and to financial innovation in life sciences. He pointed out that the markets of stem cell therapy, gene sequencing and related fields have been optimistic in recent years. By 2020, the global stem cell industry will have developed a market size of USD 400 billion. Stem cell industry is receiving more and more attention in China as well. Boyalife under Boyalife Holdings Group has become the world’s only stem cell bank accredited by AABB in placenta somatic cell. With stem cell researches and industry norms, Boyalife is entering a rapid development phase.

He emphasized that Industry-Finance Integration and Internet + are “two wings” for ambitious and visionary enterprises. By far, Boyalife Holdings has established the eight core fields of new drug development, disease model research, regenerative medicine, gene harbor, clinical test, health management and perceptive medical treatment. Boyalife Holdings is now actively embracing Internet and Internet of Things which are great opportunities to realize rapid corporate development. Boyalife Holdings hopes to steer Chinese stem cell clinical research and application into a standard development phase and further promote the economic transformation and upgrade of Southern Jiangsu.